Issue #10 Preview!

Lovecraft eZine #10 will be out at the end of this week, and I will have audio versions of the stories at the same time, so warm up those iPods!  Here’s a preview:

Tark Left Santiago, by Joseph S. Pulver, SR: An experimental “King in Yellow” prose-poem!  All those skies to get lost under. All those trees to wind through, some like devil-brutes, some a concert of angels, pushing green like it was hoping fingers. Half with cracked rotting branches. Pushing before the speed of autumnal brought the knife…

The Spaces Between Space, by Brett J. Talley: Brett is enjoying the success of his first published book That Which Should Not Be (and I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love this Lovecraftian novel), and I’m honored to publish one of his stories in this magazine.  I must tell you, Gentlemen. Before we begin I want to be perfectly clear. I have no memory of how I came to be in the particle accelerator beneath M.I.T., or whose blood is this that stains my clothes. Whether it’s Dr. Oxford’s, and where his body has gone if it is. All I know is this – Dr. Oxford is dead. And even the darkest of beings longs to return home…

Eliza, by Joshua Reynolds: She could go up, but…up meant out; outside of the curtain and outside the city. Outside was where the Old Ones capered and crawled, rending the world. The thought chilled her and thrilled her. The part of her that was Whateley, the part of her that was black and cloven-hoofed, wanted to go up and out, to join the Old Ones Outside. But the other part of her, scared albino Eliza, wanted to run down and hide in the dark until the hounds found her at the last…

White Noise, by Michael Matheson: I don’t know if the madness preceded the silence, or the silence the madness. All I know is the world is burning and I’m bleeding from the ears. And so is everyone else running wild in the streets…

The Vessels, by Nancy O. Greene: The streets are empty outside of our decaying walls. The sky is as clear as it is after a violent storm, the purity of the sun shining down on what remains. Light comes through broken windows, creating a pattern on fallen stones. We don’t know where the others have gone, if they are gone, or if they have been taken. All manner of human and animal noise has ceased…

It’s going to be a great issue.  Enjoy!


Lovecraft eZine is supported in part by the new Lovecraftian book Hissmelina, by James Robert Smith.  Buy Hissmelina for your Kindle for only $2.99!

In Elijah, high in the Carolina mountains, police officer Frances Jennings is drawn into a mystery involving several missing persons and the return of local matriarch Hester Keener. While Frances battles city fathers over her position as Elijah’s first female officer, her boyfriend is seduced by the power that emanates from The Crag, the peak that dominates Elijah, by his attraction for that place and for Hester’s young heir. What dark forces are at play? Who, or what, is the twisted form called “Hissmelina”? Frances peels away the layers of darkness to find an answer she may not wish to know.

HISSMELINA is a modern novel of Lovecraftian horror.

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