Have Shiphunters Found R’lyeh?

…Okay, probably not, but this is still very cool and mysterious:

(CNN) — Deep down on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, Swedish treasure hunters think they have made the find of a lifetime.  The problem is, they’re not exactly sure what it is they’ve uncovered.  Out searching for shipwrecks at a secret location between Sweden and Finland, the deep-sea salvage company Ocean Explorer captured an incredible image more than 80 meters below the water’s surface.  At first glance, team leader and commercial diver Peter Lindberg joked that his crew had just discovered an unidentified flying object, or UFO.  “I have been doing this for nearly 20 years so I have a seen a few objects on the bottom, but nothing like this,” said Lindberg…

Read the rest of the article at CNN (with video).

7 responses to “Have Shiphunters Found R’lyeh?

  1. I, myself, don’t think anyone would have MADE it back to tell the tale of finding sunken R’lyeh….

    Only Johansen and Briden ever made it back (other apocryphal tales notwithstanding), and neither one unscathed for their efforts.


  2. Stinks that they are saying it won’t be until spring that they can even consider going back out there. Stories like this really interest me though. So much freaky stuff down there that we’ve got no idea about.


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