Win a Lovecraftian sculpture: “Resident of Innsmouth”

The stars are right for another Lovecraft eZine contest!  Joe Broers is creating another “Resident of Innsmouth” sculpture (pictured below), and he has graciously offered to give it away to a lucky ezine reader.  As usual, this will be a random drawing, using a random number generator

To enter the random drawing, simply do the following:

  • Become an email subscriber of Lovecraft eZine (top right corner of this webpage, it’s free). If you’re already a subscriber, you don’t need to do anything.
  • Comment on at least one story in the current issue (click here to read it).
  • Click the LIKE button to your right (if you are one of the five people on the planet not on Facebook, then don’t worry about it, just fulfill the other two requirements).

That’s it!  Pretty easy.  Next Tuesday, February 28, 2012, I will randomly pick a winner from the comments below. Good luck!

And thank you, Joe, for your generosity.

pretty damn amazing, isn't it? click to enlarge!

23 responses to “Win a Lovecraftian sculpture: “Resident of Innsmouth”

  1. Done, done and done – I would LOVE to have a sculpture I can display without worrying about it melting (when summer comes, my chocolate Cthulu will have to go live in the ‘fridge) 🙂 Hehe. And I really love this sculpture – have since the first time I saw it!


  2. Great sculpture and great issue! “This Scattered Ash” is my favorite – it’s liking reading a new H. P. Lovecraft story I’ve never seen before – but all of the stories are great. “I Am the Key” built to a wonderful, creepy ending and “Dark Ambient Metamorphosis” was like a twisted article from “Rolling Stone”.


  3. It would be great if these talented sculptors would do limited edition runs of these statues for sale (and maybe donate part of the proceeds to the Lovecraft eZine for coming up with such a great idea! 🙂 ). I’d certainly be interested!


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