Dead But Dreaming 2 drawing, AND, t-shirts for donators!

I’m giving away a copy of Dead But Dreaming 2!  The first Dead But Dreaming is widely considered to be one of the very best Lovecraftian short story collections ever, and Dead But Dreaming 2 is just as awesome, in my opinion.

Almost all Lovecraft eZine contest drawings require no purchase.  This week’s drawing, though, is meant to honor those who donate to the magazine.  I appreciate those who do, and this contest is for you!

Here are the details and rules:

  • You must be a monthly donator.  Everyone donating $2 or more per month will be entered into the contest.  If you are not currently a donator, you can become one at this link.
  • This coming Friday, March 9th, I will randomly choose a winner, using a random number generator.

2 dollars a month is such a small amount of money, yet if everyone reading this magazine donated even that small sum every month, this magazine would go from being “in the red” to “in the black” very quickly. If you enjoy The Lovecraft eZine and want to keep it going, please donate… because every little bit helps.

The next contest will be another “no purchase necessary” drawing, but there will also be more “Donator Contests” in the future.  So if you don’t win Dead But Dreaming 2 this time, there will be another chance to win something cool very soon!

By the way: From now on, everyone who donates $10 a month or more will receive a Lovecraft eZine t-shirt (pictured below) after 6 months!  In other words, if you start today, then in September I’ll mail you a t-shirt.



back of t-shirt (final) - click image to enlarge


front of t-shirt (final) - click image to enlarge

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