Updated list of forthcoming mythos books, by Matt Carpenter

Everything below is by Matt Carpenter.  Thanks for this service, Matt!

I guess time has slipped by and it’s time for another update. Anyone else can volunteer to take over this at anytime (this means you, James Ambuehl). Otherwise if you have additions comment below or send me an email.

Here is the publishing scene as far as I can tell. Mythos Books remains on hiatus; Dave Wynn had some personal issues and has not been responding to my emails. Chaosium remains years behind schedule. Arkham House has resumed online sales but I don’t think the publication side of the business has recovered from the tragic death of April Derleth. William Jones seems to be recovering, but Elder Signs Press remains a much small operation; their most recent few novels have been zombie flavored instead of Cthulhu-ish. Current exciting small presses include Dark Regions Press, who have given us some wonderful mythos type books in 2011. Innsmouth Free Press has adhered to an ambitious publication schedule, resulting in Future Lovecraft and Historical Lovecraft. I want to give a shout out to Perilous Press for doing good things on a shoe string budget. Miskatonic River Press has big plans for the future. And in the UK, PS Publishing has wonderful hardcovers. ST Joshi’s blog is published irregularly but it is a treasure trove of information.

I am completely unable to be sure that I caught everything; in fact, I’m sure I didn’t. Even with regularly surfing blogs, Facebook, Amazon and publishers’ websites, this is a non-Euclidean task. For example, IDW is publishing a series of HPL reprints with gorgeous art by menton3. I have no idea how many they plan to release. They are also having a large series of linked stories across many issues this year with an underlying Lovecraftian theme. I have no idea how to keep up. Also, every day there are new self published stories for Kindle and other ebooks on Amazon, released by the various authors and purporting to be Lovecraftian/mythos. Rainfall Books makes high quality chapbooks available in the UK but hard to get in the US; I gave up being complete on these ages ago.

Good luck with all that!

So here is the current list of titles I am anticipating:

Shot Guns vs Cthulhu Stone Skin Press

Cthulhu Unbound III Permuted Press

Hex Code and Others hplmythos.com

HP Lovecraft’s Chronicles of Dr. Herbert West (comic) Tedesco

R’lyeh Rising ed Jones Chaosium

A Mountain Walked ed Joshi Centipede Press

The Apocalypse Codex Stross DAW

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (comic) Culbard Selfmadehero

Black Wings II ed Joshi PS Publishing

Black Wings III ed Joshi PS Publishing

Arkham Nightmares ed Gresh Arkham House

Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities ed Harksen hplmythos.com

The Strange Dark One – Tales of Nyarlathotep Pugmire Miskatonic River Press

The Aklonomicon ed Pulver and McCann Aklo Press

The Madness of Cthulhu ed Joshi Titan Books

Mountains of Madness ed Joshi Titan Books

Medusa’s Coil and Others (Vol 2 of HPL’s revisions and collaborations) ed Joshi Arcane Wisdom

The Ghost of Fear and Others (HPL’s favorite horror stories) ed Joshi Arcane Wisdom

Kidthulhu (comic) Martin Brandt

The Lovecraft Anthology vol 2 (comic) ed Lockwood Selfmadehero

Young Lovecraft vol 2 (comic) Oliver and Torres KettleDrummerBooks

HP Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror (comic) Lansdale IDW Publishing

Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom (comic) Brown Arcana Studio

Vol 2 and 3 of the Darkwaters trilogy McNeil (?) Fantasy Flight Games

Vol 2 and 3 of the Lord of Nightmares trilogy Bligh (?) Fantasy Flight Games

Two Against Darkness Shiflet and Barrass hplmythos.com

Portraits of Ruin Pulver Hippocampus Press

Uncommon Places: A Collection of Exquisites Pugmire Hippocampus Press

Book 3 of The Hive series Curran Elder Signs Press

Swords and Mythos ed Moreno-Garcia Innsmouth Free Press

Cold Print (definitive edition) Campbell PS Publishing

A Season in Carcosa Pulver Miskatonic River Press

Eldritch Chrome ed Barrass and Sammons Chaosium

Musiks and Mythos Spectral Press (an innovative series of chapbooks with music)

The Call of Lovecraft ed Norris Evil Jester Press


These are books I am relegating to speculative at best. I may end up dropping them from future lists unless someone can update me.

Secret Heart of Asia ed Price Mythos Books

Autumnal Tales Comtois Mythos Books

The Assaults of Chaos Joshi

Ancient Shadows ed Jones ESP

Up from the Depths: High Seas Cthulhu 2 ed Jones ESP

Cthulhu 2012 Mythos Books

Fungi from Yuggoth Hippocampus Press

The Exham Cycle ed Price Chaosium

The Country of the Worm Myers Mythos Books

Essays and art Clark Ashton Smith Centipede Press

Fatale (comics) Brubaker

24 responses to “Updated list of forthcoming mythos books, by Matt Carpenter

  1. Mna the entries are coming fast ad furious. I was trolling the Miskatonic Books blog and saw this entry:

    “And the first book in our new novella series in the Modern Mythos Library titled IRON CHAIN by Donald Tyson. Stay tuned for more on these awesome new Modern Mythos Library titles.”

    So a new novella! Mr. Tyson wrote two novels, The Necronomicon and Al Hazrad, created a Lovecraftian tarot deck and actually dablles in magick (sigh) I think. I haven’t read his books before but I have the 2 novels and the tarot deck.


  2. BTW, when we finally get our new book shelves and I unpack, I’ll send in a photo of my library for you all to be envious of.


  3. One nifty thing about this twice yearly update is I hear about all sorts of projects I would not have otherwise known about.

    Wilum Pugmire tells me about Encounters with Enoch Coffin:

    “Jeff and I wrote the book last year, and it may be the most
    Lovecraftian book that I have ever worked on. I wanted to write a
    book about a Lovecraftian New England artist, but I wanted to write it
    with AN ARTIST, and Jeff is a fantastic author, a gifted artist and
    lives in New England. The book is huge and contains some of my finest
    Lovecraftian novelettes. I have, at last, written my definitive tale
    set in Innsmouth. I consider the novelette set in Kingsport among my
    very finest tales. There is also a new Sesqua Valley story. Because
    I’ve had too many new books published of late, and two new books yet
    to be published this year, I’ve asked Dark Regions Press to delay the
    hardcover first edition of ENCOUNTERS WITH ENOCH COFFIN until early

    ..and, from Martin Andersson:

    Delta Green: Strange Authorities [John Tynes]
    Delta Green: Failed Anatomies [ed. Dennis Detwiller]

    So a new Tynes novel and a new DG anthology. It’s a great time to be a Cthulhu fan!


  4. Image Comics has published issues 1-3 of Brubaker’s Fatale. I’ve ordered them so will let you know if they are Lovecraftian at all.

    BTW, I just finished Hissmelina. Not so hot, not really of direct interest to Lovecraftians either. Review on the way eventually.


  5. OK, I just heard about another one from Arcane Wisdom Press (who make lovely hardcovers).

    The Color Over Occam by Jonathan Thomas – looks like it riffs on ideas from The Colour Out of Space without actually being a sequel.

    By my count this is about 50 books (that I know of!) to be released in the next two years. With 30-40 novels and anthologies sitting around my library waiting to be read it’s no wonder I can’t keep up!
    Currently I’m reading The Creeping Kelp.


  6. I went to her blog and website; there was a dearth of information. Instead of a Lovecraftian themed anthology it now seems a more general dark fiction anthology. Not that that’s bad, exactly, but I wonder how much will be of direct interest to mythos fans. Does anyone know?


    • My story in Dark Fusions (“When the Stars Run Away”) is Lovecraftian horror, though it doesn’t name Names. That’s all I know for sure. The submissions handout I got about this project at MythosCon 2011 wanted Lovecraftian horror, though not specifically Mythos work.


      • OK, then it can be like Horrors Beyond 1 or Lovecraft Unbound or even Eternal Lovecraft form the 1990s, where they just want echoes of HPL. All of those were still very enjoyable books. Thanks for the update,


  7. Arkham Nightmares has not been canceled! It has been retitled Dark Fusions, & will be published by PS Publishing. Lois Gresh is still editing. It is currently scheduled for Winter 2013, & the TOC may be found on Lois’ blog.


  8. I was able to contact Dave Wynn of Mythos Books. He is trying to get back on his feet. He is curerntly trying to get Cthulhu 2012 published in 2012!


  9. The Apocalypse Codex is supposed to come from Ace not DAW.
    Also it is my undertanding that Arkham Nightmares has been canceled. Lois Gresh has released all the stories back to the writers.


  10. Re: Book of Cthulhu II — yes, it will be due in October 2012. Or at least, that’s what Ross Lockhart’s email said yesterday . . . and my “Objects from the Gilman-Waite Collection” will be included!


  11. Well, titles are coming out of the wood work fromall over.

    If God Doesn’t Show Riley and Grover Permuted Press


  12. This was a great list, thanks!! I had heard of none of these and now I’m off to various websites to check for preorders!


  13. Worlds of Cthulhu edited by Robert Price, Fedogan and Bremer (I have seen galleys)

    New Tales of the Old Ones Knightwatch Press

    Over the Mountains of Madness edited by Robert Price, Dark Quest Books

    Techno-Goth Cthulhu from Red Skies Press

    Torn Realities from Post Mortem Press closes to submissions tomorrow


  14. Re: Essays and art Clark Ashton Smith Centipede Press

    Jerad Centipede sent out an update on Sunday:
    “Also, Scott Connors is editing what promises to be the largest and most comprehensive look at the artwork of Clark Ashton Smith. This book will have dozens of paintings and sculptures, all printed in color. If you are the proud owner of a Smith original, would you be interested in having the work reprinted in this book? If so, please contact me!”


  15. I’ve asked Dark Regions Press to hold off on publishing ENCOUNTERS WITH ENOCH COFFIN until early 2013 so that I can have at least one new book published next year. Writing, or rather concentrating on new writing, is next to impossible due to household chaos, and I have decided not to complete a new book until I’ve taken a three-year hiatus.


  16. OK, here are three I missed already!

    The Book of Cthulhu 2 ed Lockhart Night Shade Books

    Encounters with Enoch Coffin Thomas and Pugmire ? publisher

    The Ancient Track (updated complete poetry of HPL, a reissue) ed Joshi Night Shade Books


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