April issue preview!

Here’s a preview of the April issue:

Ecstasy of the Gold, by Stephen Mark Rainey.  Mr. Rainey had a story published in the first Dead But Dreaming, an incredible Lovecraftian collection, and he was good enough to give me this previously unpublished tale.  One word: Nyarlathotep.

Scale Hall, by Simon Kurt Unsworth.  Children are going missing in the suburb of Scale Hall.  A terrifying story, especially if you’re a parent.

The Dog Who Wished He’d Never Heard of Lovecraft, by Anna Tambour.  I sought Anna out specifically because one of her stories was published in Lovecraft Unbound, edited by Ellen Datlow (you should always buy any book edited by Ellen Datlow).  This story is quite unique!

Ourorboros Apocrypha, by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy.  Co-editor A.J. French had this to say: “A Thomas Ligotti-inspired tale about a man working through his own madness and sense of self using tape recorders and music, with Ligotti’s familiar black existential philosophy underling the text.”

Over the Hills, by Victor Takac.  Just because something is inexpensive doesn’t mean you should buy it…

This Inscrutable Light: A Response to Thomas Ligotti’s “The Conspiracy Against the Human Race”, by by Brandon H. Bell.  Last, but not least, a non-fiction piece!  Everyone reading this probably knows who Thomas Ligotti is, and if you haven’t read The Conspiracy Against the Human Race (a non-fiction work), you really should.  Brandon says: The five thousand word article is broken up into 8 simple (sometimes tongue-in-cheek) titled sections that explore Ligotti’s assertions in his nonfiction book, providing enough background for readers who have not read TCATHR. The thrust of the article is one of appreciation for Ligotti’s genius while challenging his conclusions via what is intended to be both a provocative and unexpected method of contrasting his philosophical pessimism with that of religious fundamentalism, positing an optimistic atheistic counter to Ligotti’s position. The secular article uses this contrast along with copious quotes and examinations of the concepts covered, and holds surprising positive content for non-dogmatic religious believers and nonbelievers alike.

And in the May issue: Peter Rawlik, Joseph S. Pulver SR, and more!

8 responses to “April issue preview!

  1. I’ll echo all here, including Wilum’s lament (more Pugmire!).

    Some great names – both venerable and new – coming up, Mike. Well done. This just shows you the level of esteem enjoyed by the eZine in Lovecrafitan circles.

    You’ve earned every laurel and accolade, Mr. Davis.


  2. Mike, thank you from every corpuscle. You’ve got such an open mind that it was a blast writing my report for you. And this ToC is as fascinating as ever, but I’m especially thrilled to see Jayaprakash Satyamurthy here. I’ve admired his stories for years, and have thought they should be widely known. Now they will be, with “Ourorboros Apocrypha” in your clutches.


  3. Ellen Datlow deserves a comment all by itself. Mike, you said “You should always buy any book edited by Ellen Datlow.” I totally agree.The only thing that is consistent in her anthologies is that you can never predict what will be in them. Her definitions are so delightfully elusive. And I didn’t say before but should have, that if you liked my story in her Lovecraft Unbound, it was due to her magic. She is a dream as an editor. I swear, she could whip a bowl of alphabet soup into an unforgettable story.


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