Thomas Kinkade and Cthulhu

Some sad news — popular painter Thomas Kinkade has died.  What does this have to do with Lovecraft, you ask?  Well, apparently someone who is both a Kinkade fan and a Cthulhu fan created the artwork below.  I actually like Kinkade’s paintings a lot; but the one below is my new favorite.  😉

Thanks to eZine reader David Chamberlain for the tip.

11 responses to “Thomas Kinkade and Cthulhu

  1. Such warm, nostalgic memories. The soft dreamy pastels remind me of the time Cthulhu rose and devoured the town I grew up in. *sigh* Good times. Good times.


  2. Hey, I confess to loving Kinkade’s art too (if that makes me hopelessly déclassé, so be it), and I’m saddened to hear of his passing. But the painting above is so full of WIN…. thanks for sharing!!!


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