“That Which Should Not Be” nominated for a Stoker Award

Ezine reader and contributor Brett J. Talley’s book That Which Should Not Be has been nominated for a Stoker Award!  I’ve said several times that it’s one of the best Lovecraftian books I’ve ever read, and obviously the Horror Writers Association agrees:

Each year, the Horror Writers Association presents the Bram Stoker Awards™ for Superior Achievement in the field of horror writing, named in honor of Bram Stoker, author of the seminal horror work Dracula. Since 1987, the approximately 700 members of the HWA have recommended, nominated and voted on the greatest works of horror and dark fantasy of the previous calendar year, making the Bram Stoker Awards the most prestigious award in the field of horror literature.

That Which Should Not Be is available in print and for the Kindle.  Also, you can read and listen to Brett’s story The Spaces Between Space, in issue #10 of Lovecraft eZine.

Congratulations, Brett!

Brett J. Talley and the Arkham Hearse - click image to enlarge

19 responses to ““That Which Should Not Be” nominated for a Stoker Award

  1. Looking forward to ‘The Void’. ‘That Which Should Not Be’ was great. Congrats on having been nominated for the Stoker. Maybe next year!


  2. By the way guys, if you loved the book and want to let the world know, feel free to throw a review up on Amazon. I’d really appreciate it.

    As for my next book, The Void will be out in July. It’s not as obviously Lovecraftian, but Lovecraft will always be in my work as long as I am writing horror fiction.


  3. Reading Mr. Talley’s book right now, good stuff. In fact, Brett, I sat at your table at the Stoker Awards. I was the guy dressed way, way down for what i should have known would be a more formal affair. Ahem

    And that Arkham hearse belongs to Paul Anderson of Arkham Antiques in Sandy, UT. Really nice guy, he had an awesome dealer table at WHC with lots of rarities,including original Lovecraft manuscripts and postcards.

    Just for kicks, here is Rudimentary Peni doing their song “Arkham Hearse” from the 1989 Lovecraft-themed album “Cacophony”:


    • Hey Sam! So glad to talk to you again. I went to that guy’s table and he had some AMAZING stuff. The original manuscripts were unbelievable. Thanks for the tunes. 😉


  4. Congratulations Brett, very well deserved! I could not put this book down, absolutley awesome!! Really looking forward to your future work.


  5. Great to see the acknowledgement of Brett’s work . Lovecraftian writing is a finely -tuned art. Downloading to my Kindle now. Also glad we have the ezine to point the way(s).


  6. The Stokers were awarded on March 31, 2011. Unfortunately, Brett’s excellent novel did not win. The winner in the First Novel category was Isis Unbound by Allyson Bird.


  7. Second only to Tim Curran´s Hive and The Spawning, this is the most captivating lovecraftian story I´ve read for years, I only wish it were twice as long. Let´s hope for a follow up?


      • I wish I could say it was mine! The World Horror Convention was in Salt Lake City this year. (Notice I am rocking the eZine shirt). Some crazy Lovecraft fan–from Utah of all places–had purchased a hearse and jazzed it up. It was parked in front of the hotel for the entire convention and I just had to get a photo with it.


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