Only the End of the World Again

Neil Gaiman has written several Lovecraftian short stories: The famous A Study in Emerald that everyone raves about (I loved it), and I, Cthulhu (didn’t love it).  But my favorite is Only the End of the World Again, a sequel of sorts to Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October.  (And if you haven’t read THAT, you’re in for a treat.)

In Only the End of the World Again, “a weary werewolf once again joins in the eternal battle to prevent the freeing of dark forces that were first revealed in A Night in the Lonesome October — but this time, none of the other good guys show up.”  It’s a wonderful story, and a tribute to Roger Zelazny.

And you can read it for free at Scribd!  Click here to read Only the End of the World Again.

By the way, I just learned that it was adapted into a graphic novel — I’m definitely going to have to get that!

11 responses to “Only the End of the World Again

  1. That sounds nifty – is it available generally, or does one need to go somewhere in particular to find it?


  2. My big problem with the graphic novel version is I was just underwhelmed by the art. Otherwise it is a very fun read, typical for Neil Gaiman.


  3. There’s also a story called “Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar”, where an American tourist finds the English Innsmouth, with two inhabitants who sound very much like Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. If you didn’t love “I, Cthulhu”, you might not love this one, either, as it’s a rather funny one, too.


  4. I just read the Gaiman story posted on Scrib’d. Roger Zelazny was a great writer, and “A Night in the Lonesome October” is really fun and well done. Gaiman’s story really captured the spirit of the original and is a fitting tribute. Thanks for posting this!


  5. I have the graphic novel; it’s a great read. There are hints on Wikipedia trhat Gaiman wrote more Larry Talbot stories, but I’ve yet to find them. Also, this stoy is referenced in “Stacked Actors” by Peter A. Worthy, published in the
    anthology Eldritch Blue (2004).


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