“Messiah of Evil”, a 1973 Lovecraftian movie

I haven’t had time to watch this yet, but I have it on good authority from several sources that it’s a great Lovecraftian movie.  Oldgamereviewer.com says, “It’s rare to run across a Lovecraftian film that is a) Lovecraftian in tone without dragging the Cthulhu mythos into things and b) any good at all. Messiah of Evil unexpectedly manages to do both and becomes an unknown minor classic in the process. A surreal, creepy, strange and very compelling film.”

You can read a review of Messiah of Evil at Outpost Zeta.

Watch the entire movie below!

7 responses to ““Messiah of Evil”, a 1973 Lovecraftian movie

  1. That’s Mike for you, finding these Lovecraftian gems, letting us know about them, and, in this case, providing a link to the entire movie! Three cheers for Mike!


  2. Would live to see it, but netflix doesn’t carry it and watching it here would eat up an un-cthulhuly amount of the monthly 5gig limit on my aircard. Bummer.


  3. I just picked this up on DVD a couple of months ago. I suppose it could be considered marginally Lovecraftian. It’s loaded with atmosphere — the perfect 1970s’ drive-in fare.


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