Please help “The Lovecraft eZine”

OK, I know, terrible quality video.  But please watch it anyway.  🙂

Click here to donate $5 per month to The Lovecraft eZine.

Thanks for watching the video above.  Click here to donate $5 per month.  Stop any time.

Keep The Lovecraft eZine alive…

Here’s something that perhaps not a lot of people think about: The Lovecraft eZine costs money to run.  I pay my writers, I pay for bandwidth for the Lovecraft audios, and so on.  And I don’t do it to gain anything for myself, quite bluntly… I do it to contribute to the Lovecraftian community.  My goal has always been to create an online magazine where people can read quality Lovecraftian fiction — for free.

But I’m not rich.  I need your help.  Even a small amount of money from you per month can keep this magazine going.  It almost closed down once due to finances — let’s not let that happen again!

Please choose an option below:

AUTOMATIC monthly donation:

Donate $5.00 per month
Donate $10.00 per month
Donate $25.00 per month
Donate $50.00 per month
Donate $100.00 per month

ONE-TIME donation of any amount you choose.

Questions?  Email me at

Please note that all donations and subscriptions are through Paypal; I do not see your card or bank information.

And, THANK YOU for helping to keep this magazine alive.

4 responses to “Please help “The Lovecraft eZine”

  1. Geez, I wish I could afford more than the 99 cents/month; but I’m two months behind rent right now…


  2. I bought your master pack(1 to 9 issue). I have not read all the issues yet. What you might do is set a public goal with amounts you need. Ask for that meany subscribers.


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