5 Lovecraft eZine readers will win a copy of “The Void”, signed by the author!

Brett J. Talley, author of the Lovecraftian novel That Which Should Not Be, has a new book out: The Void (also Lovecraftian-themed).  Brett has agreed to give away signed copies of the book to five lucky Lovecraft eZine readers!

In the deepest reaches of space, on a ship that no longer exists, six travelers stare into the abyss . . . and the abyss stares back.

Man has finally mastered the art of space travel and in a few hours passengers can travel light years across the galaxy. But, there’s a catch—the traveler must be asleep for the journey, and with sleep come the dreams. Only the sleeper can know what his dream entails, for each is tailored to his own mind, built from his fears, his secrets, his past . . . and sometimes his future.

That the dreams occasionally drive men mad is but the price of technological advance. But when a transport on a routine mission comes upon an abandoned ship, missing for more than a decade, six travelers—each with something to hide—discover that perhaps the dreams are more than just figments of their imagination. Indeed, they may be a window to a reality beyond their own where shadow has substance and the darkness is a thing unto itself, truly worthy of fear.

Most random drawings at The Lovecraft eZine are open to everyone.  This one, however, is only for those in “the CULT”, which is what I call anyone who donates at least $5 a month to this magazine.  If you already do that, then you’re already entered into the drawing.  If not, simply click here if you would like to donate (opens in a new window).

Special contests like this are my way of thanking those of you who support The Lovecraft eZine financially.

The Lovecraft eZine costs a lot to operate, yet it is free to read.  And most would agree that the quality of stories found here are every bit as good or better than print anthologies.  Most people won’t miss $5 a month, but if a lot of people give that small amount, it makes a huge difference for me.

Click here to find out more about donating (opens in a new window).  Alternatively, you can simply donate through Paypal from this page:

AUTOMATIC monthly donation:

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This will be a random drawing from “cult” members, using a random number generator.  One week from now on Friday, August 3, 2012, I will randomly pick a winner from those in “the cult”!

I have greatly enjoyed both of Brett J. Talley’s books — you will, too.

Buy That Which Should Not Be.

Buy The Void.

Learn more about why I need donations to keep The Lovecraft eZine going — click here, or watch the video below.

8 responses to “5 Lovecraft eZine readers will win a copy of “The Void”, signed by the author!

  1. As a fervent member of the CULT, I urge others to give, so that Mike can continue to publish the high quality Lovecraftian fiction that the Lovecraft eZine is known for. As Mike makes clear, even $5 a month makes a difference. It has been my pleasure to donate monthly, so I practice what I preach. So just think about how enriched your reading time is, enriched by the Lovecraft eZine.


  2. I upped my donation to 5 USD last month and no one will regret doing the same. The Lovecraft eZine is definately worth supporting.


    • Thanks so much, Lorenz. As I always say, most of us won’t miss $5 a month, but a lot of people donating a small amount monthly REALLY adds up and helps so much.


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