Watch today’s video chat right here!

Click the play button on the Youtube video below to watch my LIVE video chat with author Simon Kurt Unsworth, and Tomas Rawlings, creator of the video game Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land.

Have a question for Tomas or Simon?  Email me at or comment below.

Want to buy the game?  It’s only $4.99… click here (will open in a new window)!

2 responses to “Watch today’s video chat right here!

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  2. I was quite intrigued to have the subject of WW1 weaponry come up, especially regarding the machine gun. See, they don’t seem to have been much used, in spite of them having been invented decades earlier.
    So I Googled and found this
    Seems those babies were very difficult to use, being likely to overheat, and awkward to transport and use – requiring 5 or six men to operate them.
    Great chat between our guests tonight and I wish we’d had more time to discuss things.


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