Watch the chat with Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer here!

I’m talking with the guys behind The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast today at 2pm EST (in 15 minutes, as of the time of this post).

Watch the video chat LIVE in the Youtube video below (just press the play button).

If you aren’t able to watch live, the video chat is being recorded and you can watch it later at your convenience.

If you have questions for Chad and Chris, email them to me at .

And remember, I’m talking with Niels Hobbs, founder of Necronomicon 2013 at 6pm EST today!  If you want to join the video chat room, email me at … or, you can watch it live at this website at 6pm EST (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific, 11pm London time).

One response to “Watch the chat with Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer here!

  1. Great show Mike (and guys)! Everybody should subscribe to this fantastic podcast. I soon found that I was missing my weekly Lovecraft hit. Now I’m a dedicated subscriber and my withdrawal symptoms have subsided.


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