Lovecraftian links from the past week

I’m starting something new here at the website.  As you probably know, I post interesting Lovecraftian links at the eZine Facebook page, on my Twitter account, and on my Google Plus account.  However, it can be easy to miss a link, so from now on, every weekend I’ll post a roundup of the links from the past week.

Here we go!  Links:

I think that covers most of the links; now here are the pictures I posted this past week at the eZine Facebook page:

Cover for the upcoming volume 6 of ONE BUCK HORROR:

Visit One Buck Horror.

Art by Tom Jenkins. Visit his Lovecraft Facebook page:

Visit Tom’s Lovecraft Facebook page.

“The Horrible Truth about Mike Davis”, by Stjepan Lukac. Visit his website:

Visit Stjepan’s website.

My little corner office, where LOVECRAFT EZINE is maintained…

I posted this picture on my wall a few days ago, and this comment by Sabella Hess Dziabczenko made my day: “I want you to know, I had to come back to this and post. This picture was such an inspiration to me. I am an artist starting my own little business, and writing a little on the side – this picture made me realize what amazing things, and what sources of inspiration, can come from even a little corner, if you love what you do. What you do in this little office reaches so many people, and means so much. Thank you – for doing what you do, and for inspiring me to get to work in MY little corner.”

Thanks, Sabella.

Thanks to Steve Santiago ( ) for creating this at my request.

Visit Steve’s website.

Tom Whalen of did the original poster, of which someone shopped in this pumpkin.

And finally, video from this past week:

By, with huge thanks to Leeman Kessler of Ask Lovecraft.  In the wake of the destruction and madness wreaked by the Ancient One, its inadvertent creator apologizes for his actions leading to such suffering and gibbering.

2 responses to “Lovecraftian links from the past week

  1. I think everyone should check out another Drabblecast episode called “The Great Old Pumpkin”. It came out a few years ago for another Halloween episode. It revolves around the Peanut’s “The Great Pumpkin.” Really good stuff for every Lovecraftian fan no matter what pagen holiday it is. Check it out here –>


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