November Issue Table of Contents

Here’s the table of contents for issue #19, which will be published in about 10 days!

  • A Thousand Smokes, by W.H. Pugmire
  • The Strange Case of Crazy Joe Gallo, by Jeffrey Thomas
  • In the House of the Hummingbirds, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  • The Treatment Room, by Kevin Crisp
  • Obsidian Capra Aegagrus, by Christopher Slatsky
  • The Dig, by Monica Valentinelli
  • Amtopians, by Logan Davis*

It’s going to be a great issue!

*A few months ago, my 10-year-old son Logan wrote a little science fiction horror story.  I was very proud of him, and I thought the story was pretty good.  Then I got to thinking… it’s a bit Lovecraftian, too!  Why not publish it in a future issue?  It will encourage him to write more, and, I thought you guys might get a kick out of it.

Mike Davis and Logan Davis

7 responses to “November Issue Table of Contents

  1. Awesome lineup Mike. Can’t wait to read it. And you are an awesome dad! I’m sure it’s the first story of many. How cool!


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