Watch today’s video chat right here!

Today I’m chatting with Molly Tanzer, author of A Pretty Mouth.

I’m giving away a free copy of A Pretty Mouth to a lucky LIVE viewer!

If you have a question for Molly or me, IM me on Facebook or comment below.

You can watch past Lovecraft eZine video chats here.

3 responses to “Watch today’s video chat right here!

  1. Molly Tanzer’s book sounds really interesting. and has some wonderful reviews. I’m looking forward to reading this. Does molly have a particular favorite character or creature from the mythos?

    • Hi Carl!

      I’d have to say my favorite character is Herbert West, but is he really Mythos? I guess I always consider stuff about the gods to be Mythos and the rest plain ol’ Lovecraftiana. Being a modernist, I do love categorization! Though I’m not staking my reputation on this distinction, because there’s always overlap.

      That said … Mythos? So hard! I love Nyarlathotep, and I once knitted a Cthulhu cosy for my iPod. But I think I’m going to go with Gloon… I love “The Temple” (which inspired my very first piece of Lovecraftiana!).

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