Lovecraft eZine issue 21 now available for Kindle, Nook, and Podcast; price change update

Issue #21 is now available in Kindle, Nook, and Podcast editions; the website edition will be online this coming Monday, January 28th!  Choose an option below.

Issue #21 – January 2013
Kindle edition available at Amazon: US, UK, DE,FR, ES, IT, JP, CA, BR
Nook/epub edition: click here
Podcast version: click here (99 cents; free if you buy the Kindle or Nook edition)

Lovecraft eZine, issue #21

And now, for something I’ve put off for a while… a LONG while.  I need to raise the price of the Kindle and Nook issue editions to $2.99.  I asked you guys about this a while back, and most of you did not have a problem with it — in fact, I don’t think anyone had a problem with it.  If they did, they didn’t comment.  But please feel free to do so, below.

I will, however, offer more in return.  Keep reading.

Why the price change? Because the magazine really needs the financial help.  Until now, I’ve been charging 99 cents for each issue.  Let me be blunt: $2 more per month won’t affect most readers (you), but it will IMMENSELY help me.  $2 more per person really adds up, and will really help Lovecraft eZine.

But here is probably the most important reason: I only get to keep 30% of the sales proceeds right now. Amazon offers two choices to publishers like me: 30% of the sales proceeds, or 70%.  Yeah, I know — which one would YOU choose?  🙂  Unfortunately, their policy is that if I charge less than $2.99, I have NO choice: I can only get 30%.  If I charge $2.99 or more, I can choose 70%.

I’m sure that most of you would rather that Lovecraft eZine gets more of the money than Amazon. And at $2.99, I’m charging the absolute minimum that I can, and still get the 70%.

In addition, if you buy the Kindle or Nook edition each month, I’ll GIVE you the Podcast edition for free.  If I do say so myself, the new Podcast version of each issue is kick-ass.  It’s a really great listen.

OK, that’s it.  You can now proceed to rake me over the coals in the comments section below… but please consider a couple of things first:

(1) I waited a LONG time to do this.

(2) Does $2 a month really make THAT much difference to most of us?  I’m pretty poor, and I know spending 2 dollars more a month on something would not hurt me.

(3) If you buy the Kindle or Nook editions, you get the new (spectacular!) Podcast version for free.

(4) And last but not least: If $2 more a month really DOES hurt your budget too much, remember that I offer each issue FREE at the website, and will always do so.  The free (website) version of issue #21 will be online Monday, January 28th.

Thanks, all.  I have the best, and most loyal, readers in the universe.  Thanks for your support.


P.S. The 2012 mega-pack will be online very soon!  (Don’t have the 2011 mega-pack yet?  Get it here!)

Purchase issue #21 – January 2013
Kindle edition available at Amazon: USUKDE,FRESITJPCABR
Nook/epub edition: click here
Podcast version: click here (99 cents; free if you buy the Kindle or Nook edition)

8 responses to “Lovecraft eZine issue 21 now available for Kindle, Nook, and Podcast; price change update

  1. Thanks for the explanation. I was catching up getting past issues in prep for a trip, and I hesitated getting the latest issue ’cause I thought it might be an error. Now that I know the truth, I’ll happily pay the price. (Well, more willingly, rather…)


  2. No complaints here. I think $2.99 is a good price point for a monthly ezine, especially with the quality of authors, and stories.


  3. No worries, Mike! I’d much rather pay the extra and have you get more than Amazon – they certainly don’t need it!


  4. The former editions were seriously underpriced for what the readers received. Much like public TV and radio, if we want quality independent publishing for specialized(discerning) tastes, we need to be willing to pay for it.


  5. You’re a good man, Mike. I understand your situation. $2.99 is more than reasonable, and we all, can be flexible where flexibility is needed. You have my support without condition.


  6. Oh, dang… unfortunately the $2 IS more than I can handle. I’ll keep donating 99 cents directly to you each month, but will have to read it on the website. I can totally understand, though, and if my disability ever does come through I’ll definitely upgrade.


    • You have a Nook, right Katy? I’ll continue to send you the epub version every month at no additional cost. I certainly know what it’s like to have health problems… 🙂 Thanks for your loyalty!


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