“Colour From The Dark” – watch it online, free

Colour From The Dark is a 2008 film that I came across by accident.  It was part of a DVD pack that I picked it up for a very low price, not expecting much.  Well, I was wrong there — it’s a damn good adaptation of The Colour Out of Space, and a very disturbing film.

Unfilmable.com did a review on Colour From The Dark several years ago which you can read here.  I have nothing to add to their review, except to say that this movie is definitely worth watching — especially since you can legally view it for free here:

INDIE Movies Online: Colour From The Dark

And here is the trailer:


Colour From The Dark.

Colour from the Dark

13 responses to ““Colour From The Dark” – watch it online, free

  1. While the atmosphere and setting was Lovecraftian, the story was somewhat different. As a horror movie it was great and I enjoyed watching it, but I wish it was more like Lovecraft wrote it.


    • You have to admit, Lawrence, the one factor most Lovecraft adaptations get so far off the mark IS often the atmosphere. I get what you mean, however, I can be a bit of a purist when it comes to adaptations also.


  2. This showed at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, back when it was first released (it might have been the premiere, but I can’t recall), and everyone really liked it. Most of his Lovecraftian work (including The Shunned House and his Beyond movies) also showed at the festival. I wish he’d make a new cosmic horror feature and send it our way! (just in case Ivan see this, we’re still at http://hplfilmfestival.com)


  3. This is a strong character driven story, one aspect of independent films I believe is a must, since a film crew must make something great out of very little. They are usually a little known group from director to actors, mostly low budget and have a lot more challenges to face to make a great movie than a Hollywood crew and cast.

    Ivan Zuccon does a great job along with the actors cast for this film. I will look for some more of his work. The cinematography along with the score was choreographed perfectly together. I think the beginning scene, the camera angle, coming out of the well, showing the moon, then focusing on the house, moving through the house to the Alice’s room where she puts that creepy rag doll in front of the camera! Great job. Every scene had a great score to fit it.

    I really love independent films, it is like digging for gold. Once in awhile I find a gem and want to display it to the world. Thanks Mike for advertising this here. There are a few other movies at this sight I will be watching soon. HAHAHA- “Run, Bitch, Run!” Perfect!


  4. I have Cthulhu (thought it was way better than the reviews said), Pickman’s Muse (which I haven’t watched yet), Dirt Dauber (ok), Call of Cthulhu (great), and The Whisperer In Darkness (fantastic!), as well as a bunch of other short films, but I thought Colour From The Dark was one of the better Lovecraft adaptations and don’t know why others haven’t caught on or think so as well.


  5. Ivan is a talented guy; he’s consistently done alot with some very limited budgets. I think I prefer THE SHUNNED HOUSE, but this is a good HPL adaptation as well. M


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