“The Common Cult” web-video show

Wow.  I just discovered this web-video show, and it’s fantastic.  It’s kinda like Friends, if the friends were involved with a Lovecraftian religion… and it is hilarious.

What else can I say about a show that has lines like “So… we’re summoning a great god to our plane of existence; the floor is now open for suggestions!” except that if you’re a Lovecraftian, you gotta watch it.

Watch all six episodes below.  You can also visit their Youtube channel.

8 responses to ““The Common Cult” web-video show

  1. DONALD!
    Funny stuff Mike. Chris Yule and Mike Funt play the least likely to be gay gay guys. Kinda like the Sarah Silverman’s neighbors…
    This was great. Going to check out some of their other stuff. I think this group were on some show not to long ago, Viral Video Showdown? Not sure, but the whole cast seems oddly familiar.

  2. This is stupid, dumb, offensive, absurd, and ridiculous! In other words, my kinda humor!
    Thanks, Mike!

  3. The show was funded through Kickstarter, so it might be worth watching there to see if they go that route for season 2.

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