My video interview with Sandy Petersen about his upcoming game “Cthulhu Wars”

I was at Sandy Petersen‘s house the other day; in between watching movies, I asked him about his upcoming board game, CTHULHU WARS. Sandy is a game designer, best known for the CALL OF CTHULHU role-playing game and DOOM.

I’ll let you guys know when the Kickstarter begins… stay tuned!  You might want to sign up for email notifications (top right side of this webpage) and subscribe to the Lovecraft eZine Youtube Channel.

Here are some previews of the game:








11 responses to “My video interview with Sandy Petersen about his upcoming game “Cthulhu Wars”

    • Let’s see… we watched SPIDER LABYRINTH, which I definitely need to add to my Lovecraftian movies page list; we watched THE SIGNAL MAN, based on the short story by Charles Dickens… and several others.

  1. oops sorry. I actually remembered it was oil after i said what I said – i even remember you sending me the varnish or whatever it was I had to brush over the artwork. It’s an awesome painting regardless. How many people have an original Tom Sullivan in their living room?

  2. oh man, this ..just ..sanitycheck! failed!…this is beyond my wildest dreams 🙂 ! been into the whole Chaosium Cthulhu stuff since the 80’s. this is a dream come true 🙂 !!! thank you SO much Sandy. and I feel honored to finaly meet you . still treasure all the old Chaosium CoC books and field guides:) ! greetings and cheers from the Netherlands (Europe) count me in for the kickstarterthingy:) !

  3. Wow! Congrats. I´ve recently been watching the game in kickstarter. Totally amazing. I´ve seen that fenris games are the artists that sculped your miniatures, do they do also the reproductios, or are they done by another company? (they look great detailed even being plastic). Seriously, an exceptional job, hope you break the 900ks 😉

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