Herbert West timeline

Reanimators, by Peter Rawlik - click to pre-order

Reanimators, by Peter Rawlik – click to pre-order

Pete Rawlik sent me the following, and I knew you guys would enjoy it…

“Summary notes on the Life of Herbert West, MD”, by Pete Rawlik.  Pre-order his upcoming Lovecraftian novel, Reanimators!

  • 1883 Herbert West born out of wedlock to Evangeline West (8)
  • 1888 Monies from a trust fund administered by Garbriel Utterson of London, England are made available for the health and welfare of Herbert West (8)
  • 1893 Evangeline West and her husband die after lightning sets fire to their home. Herbert is given into the custody of two spinster aunts on his step-father’s side (6)
  • 1897 Herbert West works as an assistant in an Arkham funeral home (6)
  • 1898 West enters Miskatonic University (supposition)
  • 1900 Herbert West is questioned about the disappearances of Dr. Masheck Quinley and student Tristan Langbroek (5)
  • 1904 West and Cain, in their third year of Medical School, take up residence in the Chapman Farm House beyond Meadow Hill (1a)
  • 1905 During their residency, West and Cain help battle the Typhoid epidemic that claims the life of Dr. Alan Halsey (1b)
  • 1906 West and Cain set up a practice in Bolton (1c)
  • 1909 The death of Buck Robinson (1c)
  • 1910 West has some success (1d)
  • 1914 West and Cain join the Canadian Armed Forces (4)
  • 1915 West and Cain fail to save Major Sir Eric Moreland Clapham-Lee in Flanders (1e)
  • 1916 Summer: West and Cain at Belloy-en Santerre (4)
  • 1916-1917 Winter: West and Cain at the Chateau d’Erlette in France (4)
  • 1918 Herbert West establishes a relationship with the artist Richard Upton Pickman (7)
  • 1920 Herbert West encounters the precocious Megan Halsey-Griffith (7)
  • 1921 The Sefton Asylum Massacre and the disappearance of West (1f)
  • 1921 Fall: West seeks asylum in the Gill Street Mission of the Resurrected Father and recruits a new assistant, a funeral director whom he calls Daniel Kane (10)
  • 1922 Dr. Hartwell convinces the authorities to release Cain, who then begins a practice in Arkham (4)
  • 1922 Winter: West encounters Riley Barnes and Trevor Towers in Falmouth Massachusetts (10)
  • 1923 March: West reappears and with Cain takes up residence on Crane Street, Arkham (2a)
  • May: West travels to Egypt (2a)
  • July: West returns to Arkham (2b)
  • August: West and Cain move to New York (2b)
  • 1928 Spring: West and Cain travel to England (2b, 2c)
  • 1928 Summer: West vanishes in New Boston, Cain flees to Baltimore alone (2d)
  • 1939 May: Cain marries Barbara Bishop (2e)
  • 1940 June: Barbara Bishop gives birth (2f)
  • 1942 Cain and West join the Reich Institute for Military Research and move to Berlin (3a, 3b)
  • 1943 Cain and West move to Auschwitz (3c, 3d)
  • 1945 West and Cain are captured by Allied Forces and transferred to Washington, DC (3d)
  • 1947 West and Cain are assigned to Project Starchaser in Roswell, New Mexico. West is reported killed and Cain badly injured. Cain escapes killing Ernest T. Whittaker (3d, 3e)
  • 1950 Cain reports that Herbert West no longer bound by the laws of space-time (3f)
  • 2010 West returns to Earth and encounters Detective Theodore London (6)


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4 responses to “Herbert West timeline

  1. Thanks for this, especially the sourcing as it gives me some “new” stuff to track down.
    Also, re: The Issue of Dr. Jekyll. Mr. Banks and Mr. Darling?! Bwahahaha… Cool.


  2. Pickman’s Marble appeared in Lovecraft Ezine #15
    Issue of Dr. Jekyll appears at Horrortalk.com
    Two Against Darkness by Shiflet and Barrass was published by H. Harksen

    As for ordering copies of my book, hell if it becomes available buy it, even if I get copies I may not be able to get them to Providence. I promise to sign everything


  3. Nice timeline. Some of the sources were unknown to me, so I have some catching up to do. I’m curious of Mr Rawlik will have copies of REANIMATORS for sale at NecronomiCon, or if I should order through Amazon and bring it with me.


  4. I’d like to have senn some info as to where the individual stories first appeared. I know the Herbert West: Reanimated stuff was in ‘Crypt of Cthulu’ #64 (which I have) & the Herbert West: Reincarnated stuff was in ‘Crypt of Cthulhu #106 (which I don’t have), but where can we find the last 3 items in the list?.


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