July “Lovecraft eZine” video chats: Ramsey Campbell, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and W.H. Pugmire!

Lovecraftian references in BUFFY and ANGELHi, all.  The Lovecraft eZine Sunday video chats this month should be very interesting!  I’ll be talking with Ramsey Campbell, discussing Lovecraftian references in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and more.

You can watch each show LIVE at the scheduled time at this link: Lovecraft eZine video chat.  If you can’t watch the show live, it will be recorded and then archived on the Lovecraft eZine Youtube channel. You can subscribe to the channel by clicking this link.

We also hang out in the video chat room on some Friday or Saturday nights for “Late Night with Lovecraft eZine“.  If you want to be reminded about these video chats, subscribe to this website via email at the top right side of this page.

Here’s the schedule:

Sunday, July 14, 2013, 4:00pm Eastern time: I’ll be talking with horror legend Ramsey Campbell about his upcoming Lovecraftian book The Last Revelation of Gla’aki.  Here’s the synopsis:

“The most famous Victorian rarity may be a stamp—the Penny Black—but it is several times more common than the rarest Victorian book. It is possible that no copy of The Revelation of Gla’aki still exists anywhere in the world. The most evil book, or a lost contribution to the literature of occultism? Like the contents of the Library of Alexandria, it may have passed into legend…”

So wrote Leonard Fairman, the Brichester University archivist, but he couldn’t have dreamed of the response. His essay has hardly appeared online before he’s offered a copy of the book. All he has to do is stay overnight in the Northern coastal town of Gulshaw – at least, that’s his plan. What else is there to keep him in the town, even if its slogan is So Much More to See? Why are there so many people on the beach at night, and in the sea? Why does he have to use such a circuitous route to find his prize, and why do the people he encounters seem to share a secret? What keeps giving him dreams of a stone cocoon voyaging through space and falling to earth? Each of the volumes he reads brings him closer to a revelation, but perhaps it will be on him before he sees it coming…

(Do you have a question for Ramsey Campbell that you’d like me to ask?  Email your question to: lovecraftezine@gmail.com !)

Sunday, July 21, 2013, 6:00pm Eastern time: We’ll be talking about Lovecraftian influences and references in the Joss Whedon TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel!  There are a lot more references than you might think.  If you’re a Buffy/Angel fan and a Lovecraft fan, you won’t want to miss this chat.  You can watch it LIVE or join in the chat; if you’d like to join, email me at lovecraftezine@gmail.com .

Sunday, July 28, 2013, 6:00pm Eastern time: We’ll be chatting with Lovecraftian author W.H. Pugmire about his fictional locale Sesqua Valley.  Lovecraft set many of his stories in fictional New England locations, and Sesqua Valley is Wilum’s equivalent of that.  If you haven’t read W.H. Pugmire, check out his Amazon page and browse his books.

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