“Lovecraft eZine” podcasts are FREE for a limited time!

As you probably know, beginning with issue #19 The Lovecraft eZine is now available as a podcast.  In the podcast, you can listen to every story in each issue!

For a limited time, I’m offering all podcasts for free (issue #25 podcast will be available Monday)!  So download them all, listen on your commute or as you fall asleep at night.  I know you’ll enjoy them; the stories are read by some very talented voice artists, and beginning with issue #23, Dr. Robert M. Price reads a monthly column!

Enjoy!  And thanks for being a part of The Lovecraft eZine.  Choose an issue to download:

Issue #25 – July 2013 (available Monday, July 29, 2013)

Issue #24 – May 2013

Issue #23 – April 2013

Issue #22 – February 2013

Issue #21 – January 2013

Issue #20 – December 2012

Issue #19 – November 2012

3 responses to ““Lovecraft eZine” podcasts are FREE for a limited time!

  1. Thank you, such a kind act of generosity without intention. So hard to find in these hard economic times, where everyone is looking to make a buck, with unemployment and the lack of sustainable jobs for the family, I live on Libri Vox recordings, public domain writings. Granted it has opened my intellect to such great writers as Le Fanu, Guy de Maupassant, Blackwood, and MR James as my literary scholars that serve as The Modern Master’s for my favorite writers; HP, Machen, and Clark Ashton Smith, and of course Poe.

  2. Thanks so much Mike. Just started listening to episode 19, it really sounds great, I’ll definitely be buying future episodes as you put them out! Great job as per usual!

  3. Thank you! Started listening to Lovecraftian readings at while working. Really looking forward to these.

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