Richard Stanley to direct New “Colour Out of Space” movie (with teaser trailer)

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“Richard Stanley, the director of the post apocalyptic cult film Hardware and Dust Devil, is turning his hands to the work of HP Lovecraft. Stanley is looking to return to the horror genre after almost 2 decades with arguably one of Lovecraft’s greatest stories The Colour out of Space“.

Read more here, and visit the film’s official website here.

And here’s the teaser trailer:

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19 responses to “Richard Stanley to direct New “Colour Out of Space” movie (with teaser trailer)

  1. This appears to be a sizzler trailer or to be more exact a rip-o-matic trailer. Sizzlers are used to promote a proposed film that has not been made yet and just has some scenes or moments filmed to show what it could possibly be like.

    Sometimes due to lack of funding to make a high quality sizzler a filmmaker will do the rip-o-matic approach by taking scenes from existing movies or TV shows to show the general idea of the proposed film. It’s done fairly often, but usually they aren’t posted online. But the hope is to create enough interest that investors will be willing to take a chance.

    I wish them luck and it looks like it has already created some buzz.


    • The problem with fan based trailers or sizzlers is that it gives the viewer no idea what the director or more specifically the films budget is going to produce. The one for The Colour out of space would have us believe this would be a multimillion dollar budget with A listed actors. Come on! we know better than that.


  2. When I read it as a boy I pictured it as taking place around the turn of the last century. Worked for me.


  3. Wrong time period and local. Should be set in an isolated New england area in the 1920s. With modern tracking of meteorites, cell phone communication, EPA investigation of water table pollution , etc ; you lose the sense of isolation and the confusion between the ideas of supernatural/extraterrestrial that you would find in the” wild rising hills and darkest thickets”.


  4. I don’t remember anyone looking like K-Stew in the Lovecraft story. I’m tired of current “stars” being plugged into classic stories. The Baldwin that played the Shadow and RD jr. as Sherlock Holmes are weak. I will see the movie before a final decision, but I have to have my doubts.


  5. If I were a director I would not want my name put on a “fan made” trailer for my next project. We already have hundreds of Hollywood movies that have trailers with footage that is nowhere to be found in the films, let alone one made with stock footage of other films added to them without consent of the director or anyone involved (at least at this point) to promote something that has not even made bank to start production. Sad shoggoth… 😦


  6. I think that if the trailer is indicative then it could be good. It depends a lot on how much they succumb to showing too much in the vein of modern horror films’ pandering to explicitness (which by the way, I hear that The Conjuring does not) which as much as I often THINK I would like to see HPL be explicit it really doesn’t translate well that way. Also I am not a Kristin Stewart fan and that would affect my attendance 🙂


  7. I looked up Kristen Stewart’s current projects through 2015 and saw no mention of The Colour Out of Space but things change so quickly within the film industry. If she is featured in Stanley’s production you’d think that her name would have showed up, at least on the website.


  8. Is this real? Nothing is listed on IMDB and the trailer is obviously fan-made (Deep Impact, The Messengers, and The Thing are in there). Is this just a rumor? Can’t imagine any director announcing a movie with or putting their name on a trailer like that.


    • Yes, it appears to be a real project, but apparently the teaser is not “real”, which surprises me to say the least.

      You guys have a lot of questions, rightfully so. I asked to interview Richard Stanley and it looks like they want to do that. Here’s an email I just received:

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Richard is in Montreal right now at the Frontieres Film market with our script for The Colour Out of Space. I’m sure he would love to talk with you about the project. If he doesn’t receive this message in Montreal, I’ll make certain he does as soon as he gets back.

      I don’t know if that is Kristin Stewart in the teaser video as it was made for us by a friend in Germany. I’ll have to ask him. We did not expect the teaser video and website to go viral so quickly, although we are all thrilled at the response it has gotten!

      Thanks again,

      Scarlett Amaris

      I’ll keep you all posted.


  9. Interesting but the teaser trailer looks like it has taken parts of the Messengers, The Thing, and a few other movies and put them into it’s view as their own. Is Kristen Stewart in the movie? Also, how do you think this compares to previous versions made of the story like Die Monster Die and The Curse?


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