Today’s video chat: The upcoming Lovecraftian convention, “NecronomiCon”!

Less than two weeks to go before NecronomiCon begins!  We’re going to chat about the upcoming Providence convention on today’s video chat.  The video chat will begin at 6:00 Eastern time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific).

If you would like to join the show, email me as soon as possible at; it’s filling up fast.

If you want to watch the show LIVE, you can do that at this link: Lovecraft eZine Current LIVE Video Chat.  While you’re watching the show, you can comment and shout out to everyone in the video chat room, by going to the Lovecraft eZine public message board.

If you can’t watch the show live, it will be archived at my Youtube channel.  Click here to subscribe so you’ll know when there are new archived shows.

Do you have your ticket for NecronomiCon yet?  If not, there are still a few available!  Get your ticket here.

FOR LIVE VIEWERS: I’m going to give away some cool stuff on today’s video chat, so watch at 6pm ET!  A signed copy of the upcoming Lovecraftian novel Reanimators, by Pete Rawlik, Ancient Exhumations 2 by Stanley C. Sargent, and The Fungal Stain by W.H. Pugmire!

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