Videos from NecronomiCON!

More later, but here are some to keep you busy:

I interview “P.H. Lovecraft” (HPL’s brother):

Dinner the first evening:

H.P. Lovecraft Walking Tour, with Blair playing tour guide and Vince on the camera:

The Cthulhu Mythos panel, which many told me was one of their favorites (video by Steve Ahlquist):

H.P. Lovecraft Bust unveiling (video by Necrthulicon):

My friend Lyle Enright’s awesome presentation (video by Steve Ahlquist):

HPL’s Providence and Arkham panel (video by Steve Ahlquist):

Religion, Philosophy, and Cosmic Horror panel (video by Steve Ahlquist):

S.T. Joshi on Lovecraft’s literary reputation (video by Steve Ahlquist):

Steve Ahlquist has more NecronomiCON videos at his Youtube page.

7 responses to “Videos from NecronomiCON!

  1. Wasn’t that ballroom incredible? Without a doubt, the most elegant place I’ve ever spoken at. Just another great experience from Necronomicon!

  2. What’s that “One More Story” shirt Vince is wearing, and is it available somewhere? (Not that actual shirt, but other identical ones.)

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