“Lovecraft eZine” 2011 Mega-pack only 99 cents today and tomorrow!

Today and tomorrow only, the 2011 Lovecraft eZine Mega-pack is only 99 cents, and the 2012 Lovecraft eZine Mega-pack is only $1.99!  Normally $4.99 each, the 2011 Mega-pack contains 40 Lovecraftian stories, and the 2012 Mega-pack contains 65 Lovecraftian stories.

Use the links below to purchase (or click the covers).  And yes, this sale does apply to Amazon UK and other countries as well.

Buy Lovecraft eZine mega-pack 1 – the 2011 issues

Buy Lovecraft eZine mega-pack 2 – the 2012 issues

Enjoy… and please use the Facebook and Twitter buttons below to spread the word.  Thanks!

click here to buy the 2011 megapack

click here to buy the 2012 megapack

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