Issue 29 of “Lovecraft eZine” is online!

It’s that time again — the latest issue of The Lovecraft eZine is now available!  Click here to read issue #29.  And there is a lot to read: A Lovecraftian round-robin in the pulp tradition, an original tale by Gary Myers, and much, much more.

The Kindle, Nook, print, and audio editions of issue #29 will all be available within the next couple of days.  (And by the way — the print edition of issue #28 is almost ready as well.)

After you read the stories, essays, and poems in this issue, please take a moment to comment on them.  You’d be surprised how a positive comment from a reader can make an author’s entire day better.  And if you enjoy the story illustrations, let the artists know as well!

Be sure to click the Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus buttons below to share the insanity.

Thanks so much to the talented writers, artists, line editors, website and Kindle gurus, and audio talent who helped to bring this issue to life.

Click here to read issue #29!

Cover art by Lee Copeland, graphic design by Leslie Harker

Cover art by Lee Copeland, graphic design by Leslie Harker

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