Buy the new collection “Ana Kai Tangata”, get a free copy of “Lovecraft eZine: Making the Cut”

Ana Kai Tangata is Scott Nicolay’s debut collection.  If you purchase this book anytime now through midnight Thursday, I’ll give you a free Kindle copy of Lovecraft eZine: Making the Cut, which is a collection of nine stories that made Ellen Datlow’s “Honorable Mentions” list in 2012!

But that’s just a bonus.  Ana Kai Tangata is a book that belongs on the shelf of any reader of weird fiction.

Ana Kai Tangata is introduced by Laird Barron.  From his introduction: “This is a big, sprawling treatise of the macabre… we pause now at the threshold of a voyage. At the helm reposes your guide, a man who sees the world a bit differently than the rest of us, a man who is going places, dark, dark places, and he’s taking us along. It will prove a dark odyssey down the great river that winds through our collective subconscious. A river of blood and memory that cores and bores into the bones of cosmic lagerstätten. Possibly, when it is over, you too shall see reality a bit differently. Perhaps you’ll gaze through the azure shell of the sky and see the infinite blackness that awaits.”

I’m halfway through it, and I love it.  You will, too.

Buy the deluxe edition (LIMITED, and they are going fast!).

Buy the hardcover trade edition.

When you purchase Ana Kai Tangata, Fedogan and Bremer (the publisher) will let me know, and I’ll email Lovecraft eZine: Making the Cut to you.

An adventure in weird fiction awaits you…

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