Today’s video chat: Jeffrey Thomas and Scott Thomas

An elderly woman lies dying in her hospital bed, beset by terrifying nightmares.

A young Vietnamese women begins to experience strange visions in which she is transported to a fog-shrouded alien world.

An American research scientist is stalked by a menacing figure he calls The Crooked Man.

Their destinies will mesh both in and out of dream, with dangerous consequences, in Jeffrey Thomas’ eerie dark fantasy The Sea of Flesh.

A Victorian Englishman summons a strange puppet-like being to an old Colonial inn.

A doctor returns from The Great War and discovers a mysterious naked woman at the edge of the Atlantic.

A contemporary collector of arcane books retraces the steps of these other me — adventurers who sought out the mysteries of neighboring dimensions.

Scott Thomas’ The Sea of Ash takes us along as three men from three different centuries experience the wonders and horrors of an unknown New England.

The Sea of Flesh and Ash is one of the best books I’ve ever read.  Join me today at 6:00pm Eastern time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific) as I chat with the authors, Scott Thomas and Jeffrey Thomas.  Click here at that time to watch the video chat LIVE.

While you watch the show, you can interact with us on our message board, and I’ll pass along any questions that you have for Scott and Jeff.

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See you at 6pm ET!

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