Watch us play “Call of Cthulhu” tonight – we’re playing a “King in Yellow” scenario!

If you know who created this art, please email me at so I can credit them.

If you know who created this art, please email me at so I can credit them.

It’s Tuesday night, which means it’s time for us to play Call of Cthulhu!

The King in Yellow has become somewhat popular lately, so I thought it would be fun for us to play a King in Yellow scenario, since we’re starting a new game tonight.  Nicholas Nacario from Chaosium will be the gamemaster.

You can watch us LIVE tonight, at 8:00pm Eastern time (7pm Central, 5pm Pacific), at this link.

It’s a lot of fun to watch us play, because when you watch live you can chime in with gameplay suggestions and interact with us on the Lovecraft eZine Message Board.

If you can’t watch the game live, then subscribe to my Youtube channel and you’ll be able to view the recorded versions at any time in the future.

If you want to be notified about future upcoming video chats, join our brand new notification list.  No spam, ever.  Just video chat reminders.  Unsubscribe any time.

See you at 8:00pm Eastern time — watch the LIVE game at this link (no sign-up required to watch).

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