My interview with Kenneth Hite

If you missed my interview with Kenneth Hite, watch it below.  He’s a very interesting guy to talk with, and I think this was one of our best shows yet.  Be sure to browse Kenneth’s books at Amazon, including the fascinating Tour de Lovecraft (Kindle, Print).

As always, thanks to Pete Rawlik and Rick Lai for being on the panel.

From Kenneth Hite’s Wikipedia page:

In 2008, Atomic Overmind Press published Where the Deep Ones Are (2008) and The Antarctic Express (2009) for Atlas Games as parodies of children’s books featuring the Cthulhu mythos.  His essay, “Cthulhu’s Polymorphous Perversity”, appears in Cthulhurotica, published by Dagan Books, December 2010.

In February 2008, Pelgrane Press published Hite’s Trail of Cthulhu, a role-playing game using the GUMSHOE System developed by Robin Laws.  Hite won two silverENnies in 2008 for his work on Trail of Cthulhu: Best Writing, and Best Rules (with Robin Laws).  Hite has since added to the Trail of Cthulhu line with Shadows Over Filmland,Rough Magicks, and Bookhounds of London.

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