“The Dreamlands” stunning 6 minute trailer

You may remember Huan Vu as the man who brought us the magnificent Lovecraftian adaptation Die Farbe (The Color Out of Space).

Now he’s trying to crowdfund a movie based on HPL’s Dreamlands.  Let’s help him make this happen — with Die Farbe, he definitely proved himself to Lovecraft fans, and I’m sure that if this Dreamlands film happens, it will be incredible.

Here’s the film synopsis:

“Roland, a troubled young orphan, is led by a mysterious old man into another world. This is a world that has been created over thousands of years by Earth’s greatest dreamers while they slept. In this world the old man reigns as king and hopes to train and guide Roland to be his successor.

Unfortunately Roland cannot overcome the dark shadows that weigh upon him and he is forced to decide whether he will use his abilities to keep building the Dreamlands or to destroy what others have already created.”

Watch the 6 minute trailer below.  Click here to visit the Indiegogo page and pledge.

2 responses to ““The Dreamlands” stunning 6 minute trailer

  1. Wow, simply amazing. I’ve always felt Lovecraft’s Dreamlands were somewhat unappreciated. In comparison to eldritch gods and squirmy ocean monsters I suppose it’s to be expected. It’s fantastic to see such a quality work of art in the making!


  2. It is so stunning and evocative–and so Lovecraftian! It reminds me of the many layers in Lovecraft’s art, his brilliant imaginative depths and originality. David Barker and I have a new novelette set entirely in the Dreamlands, it will appear in our next book from Dark Renaissance Books.


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