Five From Joe Pulver: Some of His Favorite Lovecraftian Short Stories

As you probably know, for a few months I’ve been asking authors and editors for five of their favorite Lovecraftian short stories. (It’s important to note that these lists are not our “top five” Lovecraftian short stories — for most of us, that would be next to impossible to determine. It’s simply a list of five stories that we love, and that we feel are important to Lovecraftian fiction.)

So… here is author Joe Pulver‘s list!

The following is written by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. Clicking on hyperlinked titles will take you to the anthology in which the story was published.

Here’s Joe:

My 5 fav Lovecraftian tales… and…

Funny how time (and the evolution of taste) changes these things. Pre-80, James Wade’s “The Silence of Erica Zann” and Walt DeBill’s “Where Yidhra Waks” would have been on this list. Ten or 12 years ago, Will Murray’s “To Clear the Earth” would have been here too.

My list of five:

Breaks my heart being limited to only 5 tales, as Laird Barron’s “Hallucigenia” is a masterpiece that belongs on this list, and seems criminal not to have at least one of Kiernan’s BRILLIANT tales on the list. That said, I think I’ll sneak in some Honorable Mentions.

And this list is about STORIES, so here’s my top picks for “ample” places to find tales where the stars are right…

Honorable Mentions: Bob Price’s “Cycle” Series (released by Chaosium) and S.T.’s ongoing BLACK WINGS series also contain many gems.

Finally, this list-thing is about stories and they come from writers, so if this were one of the Fantasy Football things (for creators), the top spots on my Lovecraftian team would go to —

a certain bEast

a certain bEast

Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., is the author of the novels, The Orphan Palace and Nightmare’s Disciple, and he has written many short stories that have appeared in magazines and anthologies, including “Weird Fiction Review”, “Lovecraft eZine”, Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year, S. T. Joshi’s Black Wings (I and III), Book of Cthulhu, The Children of Old Leech, and many anthologies edited by Robert M. Price. His highly–acclaimed short story collections, Blood Will Have Its Season, SIN & ashes, and Portraits of Ruin, were published by Hippocampus Press. He edited A Season in Carcosa and the Bram Stoker nominated and Shirley Jackson Award winning The Grimscribe’s Puppets. He is at work on two new collections of weird fiction, A House of Hollow Wounds, and The Protocols of Ugliness, both edited by Jeffrey Thomas, and is currently editing two new anthologies, Cassilda’s Song andThe Leaves of a Necronomicon.

7 responses to “Five From Joe Pulver: Some of His Favorite Lovecraftian Short Stories

  1. Sorry about getting “BMwAH” wrong, that Pulver guy is the King of Typos, and often, off the top of his head, gets plenty wrong!!!

    Thxxxxxxxx guys! !!


  2. T.E.D. Klein’s story is titled “Black Man with A Horn”. Hate to correct Joe who I consider a god in this area. Thanks for the list!


  3. Since the definition of a “reasonable man” is one who agrees with me— GEE what a “reasonable” list! Seriously, a thoughtful list, and the add-ons are thought-provoking. THANKS! XXXXXPulver!


  4. Great list, Joe! I agree wholeheartedly with the Klein, Wagner and Shea tales. Can’t recall the Ligotti story, although I do have the antho from which it came. And I’ve never heard of the Sargent offering. I’ll have to rectify that soon. Thanks, Bill Rasmussen!


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