10 responses to “The very first Mythos comic book?

  1. I’m not sure this counts, but DC’s Dr. Fate encountered fish-headed men led by one Nyarl-Amen in More Fun Comics #65, March 1941. Lovecraftian chants are used in other Fate comics, too.


  2. Geez, if treasure comics #2 is correct, Lovecraft just missed it – came out in 1945. He probably wouldn’t have been into comics, but it would be interesting for him to know that he stuff was seeping into popular culture.


  3. Enjoyed the story in these pages, but it is obvious the approach was more Derlethian than Lovecraftian – I wonder what HPL would have made of this tale here…the Derlethian school of cosmic horror is, however, more family-friendly, and thus more appealing to publishers of comic books, I wager.


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