Authors, Editors, Publishers: Tell us about your Lovecraftian and Weird Fiction Books!

As editor of The Lovecraft eZine, I consider it my job to let my readers know about great Lovecraftian and Weird Fiction books.  And I try — I have a list of my favorites on this page.

But of course, it’s hard to keep up with everything.  So authors, publishers, and editors, the floor is yours!  Comment below and tell us about your Lovecraftian novels, anthologies, and collections.

Please post:

  • Your name
  • Book title
  • A short plot synopsis
  • Where we can purchase the book (publisher direct link, Amazon, other)
  • Print?  Kindle?  Nook?  Audio?

Readers, this is your chance to discover some books that you may not have known about!

Thank you!  I look forward to reading the comments.

EDIT: An author emailed me and asked if this is for new books only.  No, it’s not.  If you have a book or books to share, feel free.

(And readers: if you want to buy one of these books, please use the Lovecraft eZine Amazon Portal.  It won’t cost you anything extra, but it will support the magazine.  Thanks!)

29 responses to “Authors, Editors, Publishers: Tell us about your Lovecraftian and Weird Fiction Books!

  1. Thanks, Mike, for letting me tell you about my first e-novel, DEMON RIDGE.

    Centuries ago, a vengeful wizard unleashed a horror from another plane to wreak terror on the town that comdemned him. Today, that horror still lives, in the dark hollow places beneath Dunbar’s Ridge in a quiet Massachusetts town. The town is home to a timid pre-teen and a pot-smoking delinquent, both of whom are linked to the ancient evil that lives underground and preys upon their town. When they reach adulthood, events culminate in a final confrontation which is both inevitable and violent.

    DEMON RIDGE is available as an ebook at:


  2. Dark Homages
    H R Arswyd

    A collection of horror-supernatural tales including:

    “Shifter of the Sands” A ancient relic unearthed in Iraq during WWI leads to catastrophic results when it finally arrives in London after the war. Things from beyond are unleashed that threaten mankind’s survival and sanity.

    “The Call-In of Cthulhu” What happens when a syndicated late-night radio talk show geared toward the paranormal goes to open lines? Stay tuned…

    “Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet” Samoan pilgrims who have converted to Mormonism find themselves in a strange new land in the deserts of Utah. But something from the islands may have come with them, and it is not pleased with their new faith.


    By Jeffrey Thomas

    Published in 2005 by Mythos Books. Ebook made available by the author.

    “UNHOLY DIMENSIONS collects 27 eerie short stories inspired by the writing of H. P. Lovecraft, creator of the Cthulhu Mythos, but told through the unique imagination of Jeffrey Thomas — acclaimed author of ‘Punktown,’ ‘Deadstock,’ ‘Blue War,’ and ‘Monstrocity.’ Stories include ‘The Bones of the Old Ones,’ ‘The House on the Plain,’ ‘The Cellar Gods,’ ‘The Boarded Window,’ and ‘Book Worm.'”

    For the Kindle at


  4. Willie Meikle signing in… thanks again for the chance, Mike

    Your name: William Meikle
    Book title: THE CREEPING KELP

    It’s kelp. It creeps. 🙂

    It’s a cautionary tale of what man is doing to the environment. A WW2 experiment resurfaces; a Shoggoth fragment meets some bits of jellyfish and some seaweed and together they decide they like plastic. They like it so much that they start to seek it out, and grow, and spread… and build.

    Available in paperback and kindle ebook from Dark Regions Press ( the hardcover is sold out )


    More details of my Lovecraftian fiction:


  5. Hi, I’m Michael Kelly. Thanks very much for this opportunity.
    ‘The Eldritch Isle’ is a collection of 10 short stories of a Lovecraftian / Machen style set upon the Isle of Man, a small rural island in the dead centre of the British Isles. “Ten terrifying tales of horror and all things weird, all set among the apparently peaceful, green surroundings of the Isle of Man. The discovery of Viking gold unlocks a terrible curse; weird creatures haunt a remote lighthouse; the kitchen of a successful restaurant conceals a vile secret; the vengeance of an ancient witch; cruel accidents befall those who criticise a pompous writer’s works; a TT racer’s encounter with the uncanny; obsession and depravity in the service of a demonic machine; the Black Goat of the Woods; an ancient evil that inhabits the marshes; the horror that lies buried beneath the surface of this beautiful Island. A decalog of dread.” It can be purchased from Amazon in both print and Kindle versions:


  6. Great idea, Mike. Thanks! Some great books here.
    Too bad my collection of stories won’t be out until next month… Perhaps you’ll do this again in the future… 🙂


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