Newspaper article on the first World Fantasy Convention (1975)

From the article:

The convention is in Lovecraft’s memory.  Events include readings by authors; a bus tour of Providence with a stop at Lovecraft’s gravesite; horror art shows; and panel discussions.  The highlight was to be the presentation of the first World Fantasy Awards to deserving writers.  The awards are busts of Lovecraft sculptured by cartoonist Gahan Wilson.

From the Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Sunday, November 2, 1975.  Click to enlarge:

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Thanks to Lovecraft eZine reader Kippling for the link.

4 responses to “Newspaper article on the first World Fantasy Convention (1975)

  1. I honestly think that the unwillingness of some in the sf/f/h community to look only at HPL’s racist writings reflects their own desire to entrench themselves and their “opponents” into two camps; it has little to nothing to do soever with Lovecraft at all!

    Lovecraft’s attitude toward race was changing by the time of his death. There is even evidence of this in his later writings. Failing to acknowledge the dynamic nature of Lovecraft’s life, failing to recognize that Lovecraft’s attitude was changing, is to make of the man a static, two-dimensional impression of his life.

    Lovecraft was a human being, and all human beings have metaphorical warts. We accept Lovecraft, warts and all, and recognize there was more to him than racism. We have to recognize that he was capable of change, as are we all.


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