Sunday LIVE video show: Stephen King’s new novel, and his other Lovecraftian stories

Stephen King

Hi everyone!  I hope you’re having a nice weekend.  On this week’s Sunday video show, we’ll be talking about Stephen King’s latest novel Revival, as well as his other Lovecraftian stories — and believe it or not, there are a lot of them.  You’ll definitely want to have a pen ready, because I’m going to list them!

I will avoid spoilers.

I also will take some time to address a question I see asked often: Should writers and other artists take the plunge and quit their day job?  I’ve been in business for myself for almost 20 years, and I’ll share my thoughts.

Watch the Sunday show LIVE at 6:00pm Eastern time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific), at this link.

While you watch, interact with us on the Lovecraft eZine Message Board, and use it to send any questions or comments you’d like us to address on the show.

See you then!

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