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Join us today for the Lovecraft eZine Sunday Talk Show!  As usual, we’ll be giving stuff away to random live viewers.  Today, my guest is Dr. Amy H. Sturgis, who will be teaching “‘Literary Copernicus’: The Cosmic Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft” (click here to register, or for more information).

She’s giving away the online edition of the course (value: $175) to one lucky LIVE viewer of today’s show.  We’re also giving away a free CD of The Curious Sea Shanty Variants of Innsmouth, Mass. by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, and a copy of C is for Cthulhu (thanks to Matthew Carpenter for providing the latter two prizes).  So, three winners today!

Watch the show LIVE today at 6:00pm Eastern time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific), at this link, and interact with us on the message board at this link.  Click here to be emailed about upcoming Video Shows (unsubscribe any time).  You can also subscribe to The Lovecraft eZine Youtube channel.

See you at 6pm ET!

Information on Dr. Sturgis:

– earned Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in Intellectual History

– for last 15+ years, have taught Lovecraft’s stories at both the undergraduate and graduate level in courses such as “The History of Science Fiction, Part 1,” “The History of Science Fiction, Part 2,” and “The Gothic Tradition”

– over last 8+ years, have contributed multiple Lovecraft-related “Looking Back on Genre History” segments to the Hugo Award-winning podcast StarShipSofa

– 2005: published essay “The New Shoggoth Chic: Why H.P. Lovecraft Now?” in Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest, Vol. 1 Issue 4 (Winter 2005) * now available online for free access:

– 2009: co-edited book The Intersection of Fantasy and Native America: From H.P. Lovecraft to Leslie Marmon Silko (Mythopoeic Press, 2009)

– 2009: invited to present guest lecture on Lovecraft at Brown University and, while there, also devised and led a walking tour of Lovecraft’s Providence for students * the virtual/annotated version of my Lovecraftian Providence tour is now available online for free access:

– 2011: invited to write introduction to an Apex collection of Lovecraft-inspired stories that ultimately didn’t come to fruition, so the
introduction was published separately as “’Art in Its Most Essential Sense’: H.P. Lovecraft and the Imaginative Tale” in Revolution Science Fiction (August 2011) * now available online for free access:

– 2013: published essay “Sherlock Holmes and Science Fiction” in Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, Issue 10 (Fall 2013), which includes a section on the Holmes-Lovecraft connection

– 2014: presented a solo lecture at LonCon3: The 72nd World Science Convention Convention (in London) on “Sherlock Holmes and Science Fiction,” including a section on the Holmes-Lovecraft connection

– 2014: as Scholar Co-Guest of Honor, co-led a discussion (with Tolkien scholar Dr. Michael Drout) on “The Lovecraft-Tolkien Connection” at the ‘A Long-Expected Party 3’ international convention

– 2015: offering the new graduate course “‘Literary Copernicus’: TheCosmic Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft” at Mythgard Institute at Signum


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