A map of the “Plateau of Leng”!

I received the following email:

Dear Mr. Davis, My name is Robert Altbauer and I’m a professional fantasy cartographer since 2010.  Recently I did a map of the plateau of Leng and someone on devianART pointed me to your website, proposing to submit the maps for your eZine. Which I do now.  Attached you find the aforementioned plateau of Leng and an isometric dungeon map, that mixes Lovecraftian horror with Ridley Scott’s Prometheus theme – an intriguing mix, if I may say so, as both refer to old, dangerous creatures.  If you find place for the maps in one of your issues I would be proud, if not I hope you enjoy the maps at least.

Check out Robert’s fantasy map website, and his images below!

Catacombs of the Star Spawn

Catacombs of the Star Spawn

Plateau of Leng

Plateau of Leng

4 responses to “A map of the “Plateau of Leng”!

  1. Sarkomand isn’t at the center of Leng. It isn’t in Leng at all, it’s next to Leng. Leng is a high-desert plateau, and Sarkomand is a harbor city, at sea level. (Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath)


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