Please help Lovecraft eZine!

Sorry for the lack of posts the past half week, my illness flared up so much that I could not get out of bed.  And speaking of that…

I could really use your help funding Lovecraft eZine, and with some medical bills.  Here’s a link to my “gofundme” fundraiser.

Lovecraft eZine is a full-time job for me. There’s a lot to it. If you love the blog, the Facebook page, the FREE Lovecraftian fiction, the weekend video chats that keep us all close, then please help me keep it going.

My wife and I have just been hit with some major medical bills. Most of you know about my health issues; there are new expenses there, but we are also now dealing with some dental procedures for my wife.  On top of that, our only vehicle is about to die; we’ve made do with it for over ten years, but it just won’t last much longer. So we are getting hit several different ways at once.

In the four plus years I’ve been running Lovecraft eZine, I’ve tried to limit fundraisers, and I’ve put off doing this one as long as I can… but we have reached the point where we can really use the help.

Your donation will help with the medical bills, car issues, and will help fund Lovecraft eZine (I’m trying to make sure I’m funded for the rest of this year).

Because of my illness, Lovecraft eZine is the only “job” I’m able to do; many days I am confined to bed. I love running the eZine, but it doesn’t pay very well. 🙂 My wife is a school teacher, and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how little teachers make compared to the good that they do.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Here’s a link to my “gofundme” fundraiser.

my son and me

my wife and me - blurry I know!

my wife and me – blurry I know!

18 responses to “Please help Lovecraft eZine!

  1. thanks for the paypal link … wish it could be more but I’m also struggling to keep afloat … thank you for your dedication and hard work … you are very much appreciated 🙂


  2. Sorry to be a pain, but the PayPal link won’t let me donate funds from my PayPal BALANCE, only from my card on file. Suggestions????
    Thanks again, Bill


  3. Hey Mike! Any chance you can allow donations thru PayPal? It would be so much easier for me, and I think others as well. Best, Bill Rasmussen


  4. Hey Mike: it’s come to the place where I thought about it: besides knowing the difficulties and costs related to chronic health issues – and how it can affect one’s outlook – this is about bread and butter issues for you, your family, and your wonderful wife, who allowed you to follow your dream. Plus, I seriously asked myself, what would my life be without the eZine – an outlet for my occasional creative moments, the comradery of folks who feel the same way I do about Lovecraft, and just all the wonderful touches that you’ve brought to the eZine – just not sure how I can live without it and your guiding hand at the helm. I’m not sure what I can do right now – we run a tight ship here too – I hope it can amount to more than the little I can handle right now. The truth is anymore, Lovecraft isn’t Lovecraft without you and the eZine. I hope others with like-minds can see it, to help out during this, your crunch time!


  5. Done Mike, but I also wanted to say, please forgo any future payments to me for audio readings. Speaking for myself, I originally started contributing out of love for what you are doing and to share with other Lovecraft fans. I’d much rather anything I do go back into the “business” as it were. Be well my friend.


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