FREE to watch: “Reaver”, a new Lovecraftian award-winning short film

Just discovered Reaver, a new 20-minute short film with Lovecraftian themes… and I love it.  It won “Best Lovecraft Film” at the “A Night of Horror International Film Contest”.

Here’s the official plot synopsis:

One year after the mysterious disappearance of his father, Chris has taken on the responsibility of raising his rebellious younger sister, Julie. Haunted by memories of his father’s obsessive belief in a supernatural threat to the family, Chris has done his best to move on, keeping the struggling family unit on track. As Chris finally begins to make a clean break with the past, tensions between the siblings reach a breaking point, and something terrible descends upon the house…

Here’s the trailer (full movie below as well):

Screamfest Review: “Reaver is a perfect example of a Hollywood style short, the SPFX are immense, the story is quick and to the point and the action and visuals do not disappoint, even a wonderful performance by Richard Burgi puts the icing on the cake of the one of the best shorts I saw at the entire festival.” – Sean Evans, BACK TO THE MOVIES

Watch the entire film below:

I really enjoyed Reaver.  Little touches like the scene where Chris is watching a TV documentary about our place in the universe and comparing it to what fish must see beyond the surface of the water were particularly impressive to me.

Visit the Reaver vimeo page here.  Reaver was directed by Len LoBiondo, written by Len LoBiondo and Molo Alcocer, and stars Kelly Blatz, Cassidy Boyd, and Richard Burgi.

8 responses to “FREE to watch: “Reaver”, a new Lovecraftian award-winning short film

  1. I must be missing something. Aside from that really short fish bit about seeing beyond our reality, I didn’t find this to be anything other than an alien abduction film. If I happen to put the word Beyond in my movie, just because it was part of a story name, does that make it a Lovecraft film? I don’t think so. If I name a character Howard Philips, does THAT make it a Lovecraft film? No. I sometimes think you guys are grasping at straws.


  2. Saw this at the latest ‘A Night Of Horror’ Annual Film Festival in Sydney. Mounted up some pretty good tension for such a short piece.


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