Episode 19 of “The Lovecraft Geek” (Robert M. Price podcast) is online!

The Lovecraft Geek

Episode 19 of The Lovecraft Geek is now available!  In this episode, Dr. Price answers questions about what makes a good Lovecraftian anthology, whether he thinks the new Bloodborne video game will inspire new fans to Lovecraft, and much more!

Click here to download episode 19. Or, click the play button to listen:

If you have a question for Dr. Price that you’d like him to answer in a future episode, use the email form here.

If you haven’t yet listened to episodes 1 through 18, you’ll find them on this page.

For the very few people out there who don’t know who Robert M. Price is, go here for a short introduction on the man and how much Lovecraftians owe him.

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