How to experience this week’s “NecronomiCon” convention, even if you can’t go

NecronomiCon is almost upon us!

Look for me, most likely holding onto a cane...

Mike Davis: Look for me, most likely holding onto a cane…

NecronomiCon (purchase tickets here) is the Lovecraft convention held in Providence every two years. If you can go, be sure to find me and say hello! But if you can’t, I’ll do my best to bring you there in spirit, with live video, photos, and updates. Here’s how:

Live video: I’ll be using Periscope, an app that streams live video. Get it for your iPhone or Android phone here (or search the app store on your phone). I’m on Periscope @misanthropemike. My understanding is that watching via the app is the best way, but apparently you can also watch live streams on a PC. Here’s my Periscope live stream page.

Recorded video, photos, and updates: Follow me on Twitter, “Like” the Lovecraft eZine Facebook page (be sure to hover over the like button and click “get notifications”), and follow this website via email (top right side of the page you’re reading this on).

Get notified about new FB posts. Click to enlarge.

Get notified about new FB posts. Click to enlarge.

I am blown away by the sheer number of awesome events planned at NecronomiCon this year: Games, films, panels, book signings, the Eldritch Ball, the Cthulhu Breakfast, walking tours, and so much more! If you’re undecided about going, there are still some tickets left (though not many!). The Cthulhu Breakfast is now sold out, but a few tickets remain for the Eldritch Ball as I write this. View the entire list of events at the NecronomiCon website.

If you want to say hello to me, here are a few of the many places you’ll find me:

Friday at 2:30pm: Author Scott Thomas will be reading from The Sea of Ash, and I’ll be there as publisher.

Saturday at 9:00am: PANEL: “For the Small are Large”: Waterplace Ballroom, Omni Hotel 2nd Floor
Small press publishers are continuing to make a great impact in the weird fiction market and are now some of the most interesting publishers to watch. What does it take to run a small press? What are some of the joys and terrors in being a small press publisher? Our illustrious panelists talk about why they do it and what they have planned for the future. Panelists: Jason V Brock, Mike Davis, Derrick Hussey, Ross Lockhart, Charles Danny Lovecraft, Dwayne Olson. Moderator: Tom Lynch.

Sunday at 10:30am: PANEL: “On Lovecraft and Philosophy”: Garden Room, Biltmore 2nd Floor
Just what is “cosmicism” and where does it fit into the philosophical realm? For all of his professed loathing of modernists, Lovecraft used his fiction to push some radically modern (if not post-modern) ideas. Panelists will attempt to tackle the “pessimism”–this is hardly an appropriate word–of Lovecraft’s cosmic horror, as well as place it within the greater context of the evolution of 20th-century thought.
Panelists: Michael Cisco, Mike Davis, Sean Hoade, Douglas Wynne. Moderator: Alex Houstoun.

Sunday at 12:00pm: Lovecraft eZine LIVE videocast: L’Apogee, Biltmore 17th Floor. (If you can’t go to NecronomiCon, watch that videocast here.)

Sunday at 2:30pm: PANEL: “Writing the Mythos”: Waterplace Ballroom, Omni Hotel 2nd Floor
Mythos and Lovecraftian fiction is bigger and more popular than ever before. What makes a story “Lovecraftian,” and how can a writer make a unique and powerful contribution to this ever-growing genre? Our panel of legendary writers show how they did it and which steps new writers should avoid.
Panelists: Joe Pulver, Darrell Schweitzer, Ramsey Campbell, Peter Rawlik, Lois Gresh, Laird Barron. Moderator: Mike Davis.

Various times: The Lovecraft Grand Emporium (at our book table). Details here.

Remember, for NecronomiCon video, photos, and updates:

I hope to see many of you in a few days!

(Purchase tickets for NecronomiCon at this link.)

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