Yesterday’s show: We discuss our favorite Halloween books, and much more!

If you missed yesterday’s live show, no worries — you can watch the archived version on Youtube, or listen on iTunes or the eZine podcast page. We discussed our favorite Halloween and autumn books, the latest Lovecraftian books, Pete Rawlik’s The Lurking Chronology, Doctor Who, time travel causal loops, and more!

Here are some of the books mentioned on the show:

Speaking of Halloween, we’ll be doing a live show Halloween night! We’ll do readings, talk about our favorite Halloween memories, and more. I’ll have an exact time for you sometime this week. Stay tuned.

Watch yesterday’s show on Youtube below, or listen on iTunes, or listen via the eZine podcast page. Please leave me a review on iTunes, and be sure to subscribe to the eZine Youtube channel! 🙂

One response to “Yesterday’s show: We discuss our favorite Halloween books, and much more!

  1. Hi Mike, I want to thank you for posting your show so it can be watched later in the week. Seem like I always miss it. Can’t wait to check out the list of books I haven’t read yet. Happy Halloween 💀👹👾👺😈


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