Win the “Cthulhu Wars” board game!

Here’s your chance to win a brand new, unopened Cthulhu Wars board game!

Cthulhu Wars is a fast-moving strategy game about the end of the world. You take part of various monstrous aliens seeking to dominate the world. You can play as Great Cthulhu himself, or you can take charge of the other factions, such as the slither hordes of the Crawling Chaos, or the insane minions of the Yellow Sign. The game has a huge map of Earth to fight over, and 72 high-quality figures, all drawn from the dread Cthulhu Mythos, including Cthulhu himself, Cultists, Shoggoths, and many other horrors. (Description from the Cthulhu Wars website.)

It’s a great game and it’s insanely (pun intended) popular with Lovecraft and RPG fans. Cthulhu Wars is priced at $115 on Amazon.

For details on how to win, keep reading!

Every week, I host The Lovecraft eZine Talk Show, which you can watch live Sundays at 6:00pm Eastern time (5pm Central, 3pm Pacific). If you can’t watch the show live, you can view the recorded version on Youtube later, or listen to the podcast version on iTunes and elsewhere. We give away prizes every week to viewers and listeners — usually horror books. In addition to those prizes, during the month of November I will give Cthulhu Wars to one lucky viewer/listener.

The winner will be chosen randomly. Here’s how to enter the drawing:

  • Watch or listen to the show during the month of November (again, there’s one show each week).
  • Sometime during each show, I will give out a number. For example, I’ll say something like “Today’s Cthulhu Wars prize number is 13.”
  • Send an email to . In the subject of the email, type “Cthulhu Wars” — in the body of the email, type the number. For example, if the number is 13, then type that into the body of the email, and put “Cthulhu Wars” in the subject.
  • There will be four shows in November, so the more you listen and enter, the higher your chance of winning. You can enter the random drawing once each show, but only once. In other words: Yes, you can enter four times during the month of November, and no, you cannot enter more than once each week.
  • At the end of November, I will use to choose a finalist from each show. Then, I’ll randomly choose one of those four people for the prize.

I know I’ll be asked if you can win if you’re outside the United States. The answer is yes, IF you’re willing to pay the postage. If the winner is inside the USA, I’ll pay the postage.

Bear in mind that you can win other prizes, too. Every show, we give away Lovecraftian books, horror books, and other prizes!

Every Sunday, we talk about all things Lovecraft, Cthulhu, weird fiction, and horror. Here’s how to watch and/or listen to the show:

If you’re watching the show LIVE, visit our message board to interact with us and send us messages (opens in a new window).  Or, you can send a public tweet to @misanthropemike .

Click here to be emailed about upcoming Video Shows.  Unsubscribe any time; no spam, ever.

Click here to subscribe to The Lovecraft eZine Youtube channel.

Good luck! And be sure to check out the new Cthulhu Wars Kickstarter with the Ramsey Campbell addons!

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