Teaser/Trailer for the upcoming “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” film

Arkham Cinema’s upcoming film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow over Innsmouth:

Here’s what filmmaker Bryan Moore told me:

It will be a faithful adaptation of Lovecraft’s story in the period that it was written. A minor character that is mentioned briefly in the story will now have a much bigger presence in the film. The goal is to make this THE definitive faithful Lovecraft adaptation by including HPL’s emphasis on atmosphere. Fans of the story will not be disappointed as this film will deliver the goods that fans have been waiting for.

Click here to view the movie poster, and some “behind the scenes” photos.

5 responses to “Teaser/Trailer for the upcoming “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” film

  1. What’s up with this movie? Is it already released? If so i can’t find any trace of it. Was the production dropped?


  2. Not a particularly well-conceived trailer. The first two and half minutes spent along a corridor and some overhead shots in the room, isn’t exactly compelling material. The shots of the Human-cum-Deep One looked interesting along with the montage of shots around the water, but overall, they could have done so much more with nearly four min worth of trailer space.


  3. Looks stylish, if a little languorous. Will be keeping an eye out for this one? I quite like the HPLHS’ radio play adaptation as well as Stuart Gordon’s film Dagon, which adapts this story to a modern clime.


  4. was disappointed in trailer, expected a little “umpf!!” hopefully the movie turns out well. i have never been satisfied with adaptions of Lovecraft’s stories because no one has ever been able to come even close to the actual clear horror .


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