Charles Grant’s quiet horror, Chet Williamson’s sequel to “Psycho”, and more

On today’s show, we’ll be talking about the legendary Charles Grant (September 12, 1942 – September 15, 2006), who was a master of quiet horror. I’m a big fan of his work (Nightmare Seasons is a great place to start — he won a World Fantasy Award for that collection.)

We’ll be talking about his books, and talking with author Chet Williamson, who knew him. We’ll also talk with Chet about his upcoming sequel to Psycho, Sanitarium, out next month (available for pre-order here.)

Also, At the Mountains of Madness will adapted into an upcoming animated series. I can’t talk about everything I know yet, but I’ll share what I can.

We’ll talk about all of this, and more!

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2 responses to “Charles Grant’s quiet horror, Chet Williamson’s sequel to “Psycho”, and more

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  2. Hi there. I’m just catching up with this podcast now. Great discussion! Charlie Grant was remarkable. Quiet horror is an overlooked subgenre these days. Glad to see you are reminding readers.


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