“The Sea of Ash” by Scott Thomas is only $1.99 this week

The Sea of Ash quote

Find out why there are so many fans of The Sea of Ash! The audio edition is coming soon, and to celebrate, we’ve priced the Kindle edition of The Sea of Ash at only $1.99 this week. Click here to purchase.

“Easily the best work of weird fiction I’ve ever read… When I read The Sea of Ash a peculiar thing happened, something that hasn’t fully happened for me since I was a teenager reading Lovecraft and Clive Barker. I was transported.” – William Holloway, author of The Immortal Body

“His New England is every bit as rich, as mysterious, as witch-haunted as anything Lovecraft ever conceived. And the story within a story within a story presentation is masterfully delivered.” – Brett J. Talley, author of That Which Should Not Be

“If you like a quiet, traditional weird tale with powerful atmosphere, economical storytelling, and a lingering effect that will haunt you for days after you’ve read it, this is the book for you.” – Douglas Wynne, author of Red Equinox

“It has been a long time since a book grabbed me like this one did.” – Matthew McDaniel

Click here to purchase the Kindle edition of The Sea of Ash! Only $1.99 this week.

If you prefer print, you can purchase The Sea of Ash at this link.

Published by Lovecraft eZine Press.

The Sea of Ash

3 responses to ““The Sea of Ash” by Scott Thomas is only $1.99 this week

  1. This was truly a great weird read, with each chapter launching a separate lore all its own, yet connected and interrelated to the larger whole. Plus Scott’s architecture details surrounds you with the feeling of Lovecraft’s own love of architecture and the eerie worlds he built in our imaginations. A must read!


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